Tyler Mace: about me

I’m currently looking for a place to plug in my passion for Build & Release Engineering. My greatest passion is helping a software team get their innovative genius into their users’ hands quickly and with high quality.

I’m a huge believer in best-practices in DevOps, that the happiest customers (and happiest development teams) are the ones that apply the best practices in building and releasing their software. Those practices are:

  • Efficient releases
  • Frequent releases (aka Continuous Delivery)
  • Fast and frequent delivery of test information (a strong part of Continuous Integration)
  • Self-service and automated workflows for developers
  • Infrastructure as code
  • Scalability and Elasticity
  • Building communities of practice
  • Psychologically safe teams

These practices are roled out by the DORA team at Google. I’ve been a part of making these changes on my teams. These types of practices make happier users. They even make happier development teams: DORA research has proven that these practices lead to better work-life balance. We can all take joy in these kinds of changes.

My tool chest of technologies includes:

  • Jenkins, Pipeline/Groovy
  • Scripting: Python, Perl, Bash, Windows-batch
  • Git/Github, Subversion
  • Ansible
  • Artifactory
  • AWS and CloudFormation
  • Git, Subversion
  • … and all the REST API’s of the above, where applicable
  • C/C++ Software Development and Testing
  • Eagerness to collaborate and learn with every challenge

My eagerness to help software teams be their best extends somewhat beyond Build and Release Engineering. At my core is a desire to help software teams and individual contributors be at their highest potential. Each team and each person is in a different place for reaching that potential, and I’m eager to help others reach it, either technologically or interpersonally.

If you have a role on your team for these goals, reach out on LinkedIn!

Recommended reading for your software team:

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